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67877641 2343459275735499 7998333633301577728 nThe new DA Secretary's focus is ensuring food security by increasing productivity, while also making farmers and fisherfolk prosperous by doubling their income. ###Image courtesy of DA-AFID.

As he seat as the new Department of Agriculture Secretary, Dr. William Dar presented his priority concerns in his first 100 Days.

1. Ensure the proper and efficient implementation of the Rice Tariffication Law, particularly the management of the P10-B Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) including that of the formulation of the Rice Industry Roadmap.

2. Craft and implement a “Crop Diversification Strategy” with corresponding fund requirements, initially using current DA program budget, and thereafter included under the 2020 and 2021-2022 annual budgets.


IMG 7120 - CopyUnveiling of the official logo for the 9th National Rice Technology Forum on August 8 at Bgy. Malad Covered Court in Calapan City. (L-R) Councilor Regie Aguas, Calapan City ;Dr. Santiago Obien, Department of Agriculture; Councilor Charles Pansoy, Calapan City; Dr. Levy B. Arago, President, Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Trade; Dr. Antonio G. Gerundio, Regional Executive Director, DA-MIMAROPA; Dr. Hubbert Dolor, Provincial Administrator, Or. Mindoro; Dr. Louella Rowena Lorenzana, Regional Technical Director for Research and Regulations, DA-MIMAROPA; Mr. Ronie F. Panoy; Regional Technical Director for Operations, DA-MIMAROPA; Mr. Recher Ondap, President, Rice Board; Ms. Christine Pine, Provincial Agriculturist, Or. Mindoro; Ms. Lorelein Sevilla, City Agriculturist, Calapaan City. ### Photo by Paulo Emmanuel Ajose.

Known to be one of the major rice-producing provinces of the MIMAROPA Region, the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Rice Productivity Advocacy, Inc. (Rice Board) chose Oriental Mindoro, particularly Calapan City to conduct the 9th National Rice Technology Forum (NRTF).

NRTF is a semi-annual event of DA in partnership with Rice Board that promotes new technologies in rice production such as the adoption of hybrid rice and different modes of transplanting.
On August 8, the said event kicked off at Barangay Malad Covered Court in the city. This was made possible in collaboration with the city and provincial government unit.



Regional Executive Director






Citizen's Charter


The following are publication which the general public may avail of. For more information and inquiries, please contact Department of Agriculture MIMAROPA - Regional Agricultural and Fisheries Information Section (RAFIS).


8 Hakbang sa Pagpaparami ng Sariling Binhi
Ano ang Golden Rice
Ano ang Modified Rapid
Gabay sa Pagkilala ng mga Sakit at Pesteng Insekto
Guidelines of Submerge-Tolerant Rice Varieties
Harmful Organisms in the Philippine Ricefields
How to Ensure Germination of Hybrid Mestizo Seeds
Huwag Sunugin ang Dayami
Hybrid Rice Production Technology
Makina para sa Makabagong Pagsasaka
Management of Field Rats
May Ginto sa Dayami
Metarhizium - Kaibigang Amag laban sa Rice Black Bug
Pagkakaiba ng Breeder, Foundaion, Registered, at Certified Seeds.pdf
Palay Check
Paraan ng pagsugpo ng Golden Kuhol sa Palayan
Rice Black Bag
Rice Black Bug - Itim na Atangya ng Palay
Rice Mechanization PH Technologies
Salinity Fact Sheets - Frequently Asked Questions on Saline Tolerant Rice
Systemang Palay Check
Trichoderma Kompos

{tab=Corn and Cassava}

Cassava - Kamoteng Kahoy, Balingoy
Cassava Recipes
Corn Recipes
Cultural Management of Corn
Gabay sa pagpaparami ng Binhi ng Open-Pollinated na Mais
Gabay sa Produksyon ng Mais
Mabilisang Gabay sa Pag-aabono ng Hybrid na Mais sa Panahon ng Tag-init
Mga Dapat Malaman Tungkol sa Mycotoxin
Mga Piling Lutuin mula sa Mais
Production of Quality Cassava Planting Materials using Two Node Technique
Produksyon ng Kamoteng Kahoy
Rapid Mass Propagation Techniques of Cassava Planting Materials for Nursery Establishmen
Technoguide on Cassava Production
What is Corn Borer?


Ang Pinagbuting Pamamaraan ng Pag-aalaga ng Native Manok
Artificial Insemination sa Kalabaw at Baka
Aso ay Alagaan upang Rabis ay Maiwasan
BAI Tubular Polyethylene Digester (BAI-TPED)
Mag-alaga ng Kambing
Newcastle Disease (Peste ng Manok)
Pag-aalaga ng Iba't-ibang Uri ng Manok
Pag-aalaga ng Itik
Pag-aalaga ng Kambing
Pagbababuyan 1
Pagbababuyan 2
Pagpapalahi at Pagaalaga ng Patabaing Baka
Pagpigil sa Pagkalat ng Rabies
Pamamaraan ng Pagtatanim at Pag-aalaga ng Baka sa Ilalim ng Niyogan
Pamumuhay ng Walang Rabies
Rabies Free MIMAROPA 2020

{tab=High Value Crop}

Ang Mangga
Arrowroot Production
Asparagus Production Guide
Bitter Gourd or Ampalaya Production Guide
Bottle Gourd Production Guide
Broccoli and Cauliflower Production Guide
Bulb Onion Production Guide
Cucumber Production Guide
Growing Banana
Honeydew Melon Production
Hot Pepper Production Guide
How to Grow Dragon Fruit
Kangkong Production Guide
Lanzones Scale Insect - Bagong Peste ng Lanzones
Magtanim ng Saging
Mga recipe mula sa Kasuy
Mungbean Production Guide
Mushroom Production
Mushroom Recipes
Pagtatanim ng Ampalaya
Pagtatanim ng bawang
Pagtatanim ng Luya
Pagtatayo at Pamamahala ng Rubber Nursery
Pamamaraan ng Pagpapatse ng Goma
Pit Scale - Bagong Pesteng Kulisap na Lubhang Mapanira sa Kalamansi
Pole Sitao Production Guide
Prevent the Spread of Mango Pulp Weevil, Sternochetus frigidus (Fabr.)
Rubber Production
Squash Production Guide
Sweet Pepper Production Guide
Tekno Gabay sa Kape
Tomato Production Guide

{tab=Organic Agriculture}

Organic Ampalaya Production
Organic Eggplant
Organic Lettuce Production
Organic Pole Sitao Production
Organic Tomato Production
Pag-aalaga ng Native na Baboy
Paggawa ng Organikong Pataba, Pamatay-Kulisap, at Iba pa
Paggawa ng Organikong Pataba
Pamamaraan ng Organikong Pagsasaka
Prinsipyo ng Organikong Pagsasaka
Seed Production of Okra


Volume 08 Issue No. 2 2009
Volume 13 Issue No. 2 2014
Volume 14 Issue No. 2 2015
Volume 14 Issue No. 1 2016


Alternatibong Pamamahala sa mga Peste
Army Worm - Harabas
Beekeeping R&D
May El Niño man o Wala, dapat laging handa
Vegetable Planting Calendar


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