2019-04-Romblon FMR beneficiaries participateThe PRDP I-BUILD Component and M&E Unit with the Romblon Provincial Project Management and Coordination Office and other stakeholders conduct a site visit of the “Construction of Brgy. Pato-o Proper to Sitio Aurora Farm-to-Market Road (FMR) with Two Bridges” subproject in Odiongan, Romblon. (Photo by Arman Suarez, DA-PRDP MIMAROPA RPCO M&E Unit)

The Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) conducted Citizen Monitoring Training (CMT) for the project beneficiaries of “Construction of Brgy. Pato-o Proper to Sitio Aurora Farm-to-Market Road (FMR) with Two Bridges” in the Municipality of Odingan, Romblon on December 4-6.

The training aims to engage the stakeholders in guarding the implementation of the FMR subproject. The participants include the members of the Provincial Government of Romblon, barangay officials, residents particularly the Project affected persons, and the contractor.

One of the priorities of PRDP is to promote effective monitoring through citizen involvement. This will ensure good quality and maintain timely implementation of subprojects. Most importantly, the PRDP constantly upholds transparency among its stakeholders.

This is one of the ways where the beneficiaries can assess the progress of their subproject and report irregularities or delays to proper channels. Such responsibility will give them a sense of ownership in the FMR’s operation and maintenance that will continue even after the end of PRDP.

 During the three-day training, one of the learnings, particularly between the barangay officials and the contractor, is to have consistent and proper coordination with each other in the entire duration of the FMR construction. The barangay officials committed that the results of the monitoring will be discussed in their coordination meetings.

The 5.8-kilometer FMR with bridge will benefit 4,702 households with 18,047 individuals. The subproject influence area covers a wide coconut plantation among other agricultural commodities.

By the subproject’s completion, the new road is expected to help farmers in the acquisition of input materials as well as delivery of their products to the town proper where the market is located. Transport and hauling costs will be reduced while traffic volume will increase because of improved road condition and travel time. The said benefits will result in increase in income of the farmer-beneficiaries.

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