IMG 9349The participants of the Animal Feeds, Veterinary Drugs and Biologics Establishment Stakeholders’ Forum with Ms. Milagros Cacal of PRES-Palawan (Sittingv3rd from Left, Dr. Louella Rowena J. Lorenzana, RTD for Research and Regulations (Sitting 4th from Left) and Ms. Eufrocina Estanislao of AFVDBCD-BAI (Sitting 3rd from Right)

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY-Veterinary Drugs and Animal Feeds (VDAF) Store Owners, Inspectors and the Local Government Unit of Palawan come together to join the MiMaRoPa Animal Feeds, Veterinary Drugs and Biologics Establishment Stakeholders’ Forum. The main objective of the forum is to inform the participants about the different ways of the concerned department (Department of Agriculture, Department of Health and Bureau of Animal Industry) in making sure that good quality of feeds and biologics are available in the market.

Ms. Eufrocina Estanislao of Animal Feeds, Veterinary Drugs and Biologics Control Division of Bureau of Animal Industry discussed the different laws pertaining to the quality of the products. She explained Republic Act 1556 or the Livestock and Poultry Feed Act. After the discussion, one of the concern that arises is regarding the quality of the feeds. Ms. Estanislao explained that if they have issues on the feeds that they received from the supplier, the best thing to do is to contact the LGU office and request for feed sampling. She also reminded the participants that accreditation and registration of the establishments is every year on/before January 21.

Afterwards, Ms. Estanislao explained the Republic Act 3720 or the Food and Drug Act and Republic Act 10611 or the food and safety act of 2013. She discussed the scopes and the regulations of the laws that focuses on food safety. During the discussions, she have answered the queries regarding the inspections of the feed establishments and the feed product for registration. She also reminded everyone that with regards to ASEAN Integration, the manufacturer should follow the Good Manufacturing Practices.

Lastly, Dr. Hugo Untalan of the Department of Agriculture-MiMaRoPa, emphasized the importance of the Animal Welfare Act or RA 8485. In his discussions, one of the participant asked about the registration of fowls. Dr. Untalan mentioned that concerning the registration of gaming fowls they should communicate directly to the Bureau of Animal Industry.

The stakeholders’ forum was held in A&A hotel in Puerto Pricesa City, Palawan last February 6, 2017. 59 participants joined the whole day event.

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