11-02-Geotagging-participantsThe participants along with the Regional Corn and Cassava Coordinator, Eng. Ma. Christine Inting, (lady in peach blouse) and staff and Ms. Baby Clariza M. San Felipe, Regional Information Officer. (Photo by: Bernadeth Z. Respicio)

In order to strengthen the documentation processes and to establish transparency and accountability in all the projects of Corn Program, Training on Applied Geo-tagging Technology (AGT) for corn AEWs and Engineers, was conducted. It also aims to capacitate field implementers using this modern technology.

Geo-tagging is the process of generating real time information in the form of metadata. It is based on the position and coordinates and directly taken from a Global Positioning System (GPS). It consists of latitude, longitude, bearing and GPS time and date.

This technology is a tool to avoid fraud or ghost projects, overlapping and duplication and splitting of contracts in the Department of Agriculture (DA). It will help us know if the activity was taken /conducted at the right time and place. This will also lessen the cost of physical monitoring.

11-02-Engr-Avelino-resource-speakerEngr. Avelino while discussing the geo-tagging technologies. (Photo by: Bernadeth Z. Respicio)

Engr. Anya Marica Avelino, Geo-mapping and Governance Unit (GGU) Head of DA MiMaRoPa, was the resource speaker for this three-day training. She presented and discussed the different features and functions of the applications used in geotagging. Also discussed was the offline and online uploading of data and how Google Earth works.



11-02-Geotagging-field-exerciseThe participants during their hands-on training on the geo-tagging applications.  (Photo by: Bernadeth Z. Respicio)

The group was divided into five (5) teams. Having their own advanced cellular phone and laptop, each one had an appreciation and field exercise on the three (3) mobile applications which is the GPS Status, My Tracks and DA Geo-tagging Camera.

11-02-Engr-Ma-Christing-IntingEngr. Ma. Christine C. Inting while giving her words of encouragement. (Photo by: Bernadeth Z. Respicio)

Engr. Ma. Christine C. Inting, Regional Corn and Cassava Coordinator, advised and encouraged all to train their involved corn staff in municipal level after this training. “…mayroon kayong fund, gagamitin niyo nalang at ang ineexpect ko lang ay lahat ng extension workers under ng corn ay matrain”, she assured.

The three-day training was actively participated by 70 Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) from the region including some of the newly hired engineers from Regional Agricultural Engineering Division of DA-MiMaRoPa. This was held on October 2-4, 2017 at El Cielito, Makati City.



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