Known as the secretary with the management that goes around, Department of Agriculture Sec. ProcesoJ. Alcala visit the province of Palawan specifically in the municipality of Roxas to speak directly with the farmers, livestock raisers and fishermen and have their opinion and request to the government and to the Department of Agriculture. A dialogue with the stakeholders and turnover of Agricultural Goods happened recently in the Municipal Government Center of Roxas Palawan.

The Department of Agriculture turned over P 4.65M worth of agricultural goods and machineries in the Municipal Center to the different beneficiaries like farmers’ associations, fishermen’s association and Local Government Units.

DA Secretary Proceso Alcala led the turnover of these agricultural goods and machineries to a total of more than 4,000 farmers and fisher folks who attended the event.

10 Draft Animal with Plow and Harrow, 10 Cattle, 5 units Knapsack Power Sprayer, 23 heads of Upgraded Goat, 5 Knapsack sprayer, 300 Bags Registered Seeds, 300 Bags Certified Seeds, 400 Bags Urea, 150 Cashew Decorticator for Split, 26 Cashew Decorticator for whole nut, 50 kls Corn Grits and 20 units Marine Engine 5.5 were raffled to individual farmers and fisher folks that were present at the Municipal Government Center.

10 Shallow tube well, 3 Pump Engine and 3 units of 18 ftr. Motorized Fibverglass Boats were also raffled to different farmers’ associations and fisher folks’ associations.

A total of P 3.98M of agricultural goods and machineries were raffled in the said event.

Aside from the turnover of goods and machineries and raffle, Sec. Alcala went to Roxas, Palawan for his Dialogue with the stakeholders(farmers, livestock raisers and fisher folks).

On his message he stated his gratitude to the people who make the event possible. He thanked the LGUs, the farmers, livestock raisers and fisherfolks who make time to attend the said event and most especially the farmers who have provided their testimonies on how DA helped them to be a successful farmer.

He also asked for a round of applause for the municipality of Roxas, for which he mentioned, would be the “Cashew Capital of the Philippines”

 He also stated his interest to the indigenous people in Roxas, Palawan wherein he mentioned that in the nine(9) tribes he want them to have at least one agriculturist per tribe. So he suggested that on the upcoming school year DA will assist one scholar per tribe at Mary Help of Christian School in Oriental Mindoro.

Sec. Alcala also proudly announced the double AA slaughter house that is being constructed in Roxas Palawan that according to him is the 1st double AA slaughter house in the municipality.

He closed his dialogue by telling the audience that he wanted them to speak up. He reminded them not to be shy and state their opinions and suggestions because it will help the department to adjust their interventions.

After the Secretary’s message, he urged the farmers to be one with him in making the vision possible, through the chant, “MAGANDANG ANI, MAGANDANG BUHAY; PALAWAN, BUHAY NA BUHAY.”

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