Bids and Awards


Supply and delivery of Assorted. Agricultural Seeds 

Construction of 2 story laboratory RADDL Naujan, Oriental Mindoro 

33 bags Registered Palay Seeds 

Procurement of 2 units Dehydrator (Fruits & Vegetables) 

Supply and delivery of Palay Seeds Fertilizers & Pesticides 

Concreting of Bucal FMR Gasan, Marinduque 

Concreting 5 FMR Gasan, Marinduque 

Installation 2 units Greenhouse 

Concreting Narra-Alma Villa Gloria Or.Mindoro 

Concreting Sitio Pambuhan, Abra de ilog, Occidental Mindoro 

Concreting Bahayang Bagong Sikat, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro 

Concreting Lumbagan Proper, Bansud, Oriental Mindoro 

Concreting Irawan FMR Puerto Princesa, Palawan 

Concreting Calitaan FMR, Occidental, Mindoro 

Concreting Narra - San antoinio FMR Gloria, Oriental Mindoro 

Construction of 3 brgy. FMR in Baco, Oriental Mindoro  

Concreting 4 barangay in Corcuera, Romblon 

3 units Aircon 2hp Window Type 

Concreting of Sitio 2 & 6 FMR in Gamao, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro 

Concreting of Mangasag FMR Corcuera Romblon 

Improvement of. Kaligatasan-Polusahi FMR Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro 

Procurement of 1 unit 4WD Farm Tractor 

1,050 pcs Technical Dri-fit Shirt with Logo 

Rehabilitation of Caruray Decala Rd, FMR San Vicente, Palawan 

Concreting Buli & Gaboaya FMR San Agustin Romblon 

Procurement of 14 units Composting Facility 

Supply and delivery 3 units Laptop 

Office Supplies & Consumables 

2 units Hammer Mill 

Assorted Vegetable Seeds 

1 unit Small Scale Compo Facility 

Supply and delivery of 3 heads Draft Animals 

Concreting Tabon FMR Baco, Oriental Mindoro P 1,940,000 

Supply and delivery of Office Supplies & Consumables 

1 unit Digital Copier 

Supply and delivery of 150 kits Soil Test kit with Solution 

Supply and delivery of 1 unit Desktop Comp & 1 unit Printer 

Supply and delivery of Palay Seeds, Fertilizers & Pesticides 

Supply and delivery of Inorganic Fertilizer 

Procurement of of 50 units Rice Cutter Harvester  

Procurement of Different Live Animals 

Concreting of 7 barangay in Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro 

Supply and delivery of Office Supplies & Consumables 

Procurement of 2 units Dehydrator (Fruit & Vegetable) 

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