Regional Profile

Executive Order 103 - Creation of MIMAROPA

Region IV known as the Southern Tagalog Region – is the largest and considered the prime region in the country due to its size and population.

However, to accelerate the social and economic development of the provinces and cities comprising Region IV and improve the delivery of public services, E.O. 103 dated May 17, 2002 was issued dividing Region IV into Region IV-A to be known as CALABARZON and Region IV-B to be known as MIMAROPA, and transferred Aurora province to Region III. 



MIMAROPA is composed of 5 island provinces, 2 cities, 71 municipalities and 1,459 Barangays with the population of 2,744,671 as of May 01, 2016.

Provinces Income Class Information Population (As of May 01, 2010)
Marinduque 4th Class  6 Mun. 218 Bgys  227,828
  Occidental Mindoro   2nd Class  11 Mun. 162 Bgys  452,971
Oriental Mindoro 1st Class    14 Mun. 1 City 426 Bgys    785,602
Palawan 1st Class   23 Mun. 1 City 433 Bgys   771,667
Romblon 3rd Class  17 Mun. 219 Bgys  283,930 

Location and Land Area

MIMAROPA  region  lies  along  the Southern  portion  of  Luzon.   It  is  archipelagic, bounded in the  north by CaLaBarZon and the Verde Island; in the southeast by Bicol region and the pacific Ocean ; in  the south lies Panay Islands.

Extending  southwestward  into  the  Sulu  Sea is the Province of Palawan, and on the west of the  region is the South China Sea.

MIMAROPA  has  a  total  land area of 2,745,720 hectares, with an arable land area of 550,302 has. irrigated areas. Palawan is  the  biggest  with  marinduque  as smallest island province.

Provinces Total Land Area (ha) Total Arable area (ha) Total Irrigated Area (ha)
Marinduque  95,920   48,721  1,452
  Occidental Mindoro    587,980   72,594  25,946
Oriental Mindoro  436,470   146,712   21,608
Palawan   1,489,760   192,875   15,973
Romblon   135,590   89,400   2,585
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